The arrival of the British troops in Ypres on the 13th oktober 1914.

In August 1914 the Belgian Army occupied the stronghold of Antwerp after the Battle of Liège. Nevertheless the enemy forces proved too numerous and on the 10th of October 1914 the Belgian Army had to retreat towards the coast. On the 7th of October German troops had already crossed the river Lys (Leie) from the south (Wallonia) and moved forwards towards northern France. The army of King Albert I took up position behind the river Yser (IJzer) and the Ieperlee-channel. Between this line and the river Lys there is a gap of approximately 20 km. The French, British and Germans brought as many troops as possible to this region, where later on that year the ill-reputed Ypres Salient came into being. This was called the "Race to the Sea". This so called race ended at the North Sea coast after each army attempted to outflank the other by moving north and west to reach the Channel ports.