The A.W.A. has been started by: Mathieu de Meyer, Frederik Demeyere, Marc Dewilde, Pedro Pype, Wouter Lammens, Janiek De Gryse en Franky Wyffels.

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    Pictures and maps: Janiek De Gryse, Mathieu de Meyer, Pedro Pype and Franky Wyffels.
    Aerial photographs: Mathieu de Meyer, with thanks to pilot Helga Leurqain
    Wartime aerial photographs: Collectie In Flanders Fields, Collectie Imperial War Museum
    Pictures Bremen-Redoubt: Hans Denis (V.I.O.E.)
Webmaster: Mathieu de Meyer

Additional information was collected by our British collegues,
who greatly assisted us with the A19-project:

Prof. P. Chasseaud (University of Greenwich) (UK)
Prof. P. Doyle (University of Greenwich) (UK)
P. Barton (Parapet Archives / Co-secretary of the All Party War Graves and Battlefields Heritage Group) (UK)
A. Robertshaw (National Army Museum, London) (UK)
N. Steel (Imperial War Museum, London) (UK)
Prof. N. Saunders (University college of London, Department of Anthropology) (UK)
M. Brown (Ministry of Defence) (UK)
L. Milner (Imperial War Museum, London) (UK)

Excavations, inventory and research:
A-19 fieldwalking campaign: Janiek De Gryse, Mathieu de Meyer & Wouter Lammens
A-19 inventory: Mathieu de Meyer
Abbey of Zonnebeke: Marc Dewilde & Franky Wyffels
Atlantikwall Knokke-Heist: Mathieu de Meyer, Marc Dewilde & Franky Wyffels
Atlantikwall Zeebrugge: Mathieu de Meyer, Marc Dewilde & Sofie Vanhoutte
Bayernwald: ABAF & Marc Dewilde
Battle of Bixschote: A.W.A, V.I.O.E. & No Man's Land Team
Boezinge Industrial area (1998): De Diggers, Marc Dewilde & Franky Wyffels
Boezinge Industriegebied (21st century): Marc Dewilde, Franky Wyffels, Mathieu de Meyer (inventory)
Bremen-Redoubt: Marc Dewilde & Franky Wyffels
Cake Trench / Helme Trench: A.W.A. & V.I.O.E.
Cross Roads:Janiek De Gryse, Mathieu de Meyer & Pedro Pype
Forward Cottage: A.W.A, V.I.O.E. & No Man's Land Team
General inventory: Janiek De Gryse, Mathieu de Meyer & Frederik Demeyere
High Command Redoubt: Janiek De Gryse, Mathieu de Meyer & Pedro Pype
Langemark: Marc Dewilde, Franky Wyffels
Mesen: Marc Dewilde, Franky Wyffels
Old railway Diksmuide-Nieuwpoort: Marc Dewilde & Franky Wyffels
Tielt: Janiek De Gryse
Turco: Janiek Degryse, Mathieu de Meyer & Pedro Pype
Westende, Oostduinkerke & Oostvleteren: Tristan Cools, Mathieu de Meyer & Robbert Toussaint

The next publications were mentioned on this website:
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GILES J. 1979: The Ypres Salient. Flanders then and now, London.
HAMILTON D.T. 1915: shrapnel shell manufacture, New York.
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SAUNDERS A. 2000: Weapons of the Trench War 1914-1918, Cornwall.
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